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Zebra Intelligence

Zebra Intelligence is a Generation Z research company founded by Tiffany Zhong. Tiffany has years of experience consulting with large brands in effort to improve their marketing tactics towards so-called millennials. Instead of having people fill out boring surveys, the goal was to create an app that felt like a game and rewarded participants with various prizes after completing the different tasks.

I was brought on to lead the design efforts for the entire company. I focused initially on creating an entriging experience and interaction for users and then began to refine the visuals of the app. I oversaw all the design decisions made on not only the mobile app, but everything from the logo to the website.

Research & Planning

Problem: Up until now, Tiffany and her team were using a variety of tools from google forms to in person interviews to conduct their research. This created problems when trying to reach larger audiences due to the time that was needed to conducting these in person interviews.

Goal: The goal was to create a platform that allowed participants to interact with various types of surveys as well as giving us a way to do video calls with selected participants.

User Personas

  • Name: John, 34, Head of Marketing at a large Ad Agency
  • Interests: Sports, technology, and traveling
  • Goals: easily reach hundreds of people in a target demographic to get their opinion on a new product.
  • Needs: Ability to quickly create and distribute a survey to a target audience and receive quick and concise feedback in an organized manner
  • Name: Rebecca, 17, Junior in high school
  • Interests: All things social media, friends, and fashion
  • Goals: Answer surveys quickly and receive cool prizes.
  • Needs: Game-like experience.

Assumptions: The surveys we are showing to users are those only targeted to their demographic Users want the ability to save progress in survey to complete at a later time.

Constraints: Initial data set needs to be collected before specific features can be available. So we needed to decided which features would be prioritized over others.


How much time are users going to spend on surveys?

How much flexibility to we want the researchers to have in choosing their target audience?

How do we want the user to feel in the app?

Design Process