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Bud Mobile

Bud Mobile is a start up that is looking to automate and organize the sales process.

I worked on this project as an intern at a small design firm. I was the was the sole designer on the project while working alongside one of the companies engineers who would be developing the site. I was a part of the project from ideation to launch.

Research & Planning

Problem: The company recently pivoted in a new direction and needed a new landing page to inform current users and new visitors what their new product was and who it was targeted for.

Goal:the goal for the site was to provide a simple and informative landing page to display the necessary informations to visitors.

Constraints: Since the company was already established, I was required to keep the design inline with with style that the company had in place at the time.


What features do we want to promote the most?

Who are we targeting (Sales Directors, etc)?

Design Process